Monday, April 14, 2008

What is site advisor

Site Advisor Is a software from McAfee, it is a plug ins in Firefox browser
Site Advisor is used to find a website good or bad on search results


I want Screen savers For my computer ,So I am Searching Screensavers In google

If I click first 3 links its red mark by the Site advisor ,So I will get virus or spyware or spams

If I click 4th Link its Green tick by the site advisor , So I will not get Any viruses,Spywares,

So I dont want to take any Risk,So i try 4 th link

Site advisor is totally free ,

How to install

1.Download Mozilla Firefox now

2.Click here to visit this siteadvisor website

3.Click the Download link Right side of the website

4.Read the terms and Coditions

5.If you agree Select

I agree to these terms and conditions

6.Click the Install Siteadvisor

If Firefox displays this message at the top of the browser window:
  • Click the button which says "Edit Options..."
  • When the "Allowed Sites" window appears, type "" into the address box if it does not already appear.
  • Click the "Allow" Button.
  • Click "Close."
  • Click the above "Install" button again and follow the on-screen instructions.
    You will need to close all Firefox windows and restart the browser.

Now you can use Site advisor, try to search in google

Download Mozilla Firefox latest software

How to Install the Firefox in your Computer

Download FireFox Now

Download the setup file to anywhere on your computer. It is recommended that you exit all your other running programs. Double click the file to start the Firefox install wizard.

You will be greeted with a welcome screen. Click Next to continue.

Read the License Agreement terms. If you agree to the terms of the agreement, select the option "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" then click Next to go to the next step of setup. If you do not accept, you cannot continue with the setup wizard and Firefox will not be installed.

You will probably want the Standard setup type. This will install Firefox with the most common configuration that will work for most users. Click Next.

At this point, the setup (copying of files to your computer) will start. It can take a few minutes.

Once the copying of files is complete you can close the setup wizard by clicking Finish. If the "Launch Mozilla Firefox now" checkbox is checked, Firefox will start for the first time immediately after you click Finish.


When you first start up Firefox, it will not be your default browser and you'll be told about that. That means that when you open a link in your mail application, an Internet shortcut, or HTML document, it will not open in Firefox. If you want Firefox to do the above, click Yes to set it as your default browser. If not or you are just trying out Firefox, click No.

Congratulations, you are done installing Firefox!